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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stop Motion Movies and applications like Jelly Cam

Windows Movie MakerImage via WikipediaLast week, my son Matt went on a stop motion field trip, to Port Moody Museum with Bill Marsh and the lower mainland troupe.  He came away brimming with passion for sharing in this format.  Thanks Bill for organising this trip!

Stop Motion allows students to use of all their creative thinking skills to produce, animate and work in a team as future movie makers.  Did I say he had FUN!  I will post some of his work soon:)

Here is some other techie information from the Port Moody Museum, regarding getting started with Stop- Motion applications.

You too can animate at home! Here is what you need to get started:

1) Computer - PC or Apple computer that is FireWire compatible. (Apple computers are
used in our school workshops, camps, and teacher classes.)
2) Camera - Any digital camcorder with a FireWire connection.
3) Firewire - A small wire that connects the camera to the computer. This can be found at any electronics store. If you are unsure bring your camera with you.
4) Tripod - A good quality, sturdy tripod to mount the camera above or across from your animation project or clamps onto a table and has three arms enabling it to be put into any position. Manfrotto makes several models and sizes.

5) FrameThief - The software FrameThief allows you to capture frames directly from
your camera onto your computer. This shareware program is free.
6) iMovie - Convert a QuickTime movie to a DV stream using FrameThief or QuickTime Pro and drop it into an iMovie project. With iMovie you can add titles, sound, and music to your animation.

For PC:
5) Stop Motion Pro - Stop Motion Pro allows you to capture frames directly from your
camera onto your computer. You can download a free trial on their website or purchase the Junior version for $70 US.
6) Windows Movie Maker - Windows Movie Maker allows you to add titles, sound, and music to your animation. Download this for free on Microsoft’s website.

Or if you want to try out this application, it looks great!

JellyCam - A Free Stop Motion Movie Creator

Thanks Richard Byrne, for sharing this today in your blog.

Blessings to you as you get techie and creative with your students!
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  1. How fun! Austin does stop animation and pieces it all together and posts on YouTube...he's used lego and playmobile. :) Maybe your son will post some of his work too?

    Happy Mother's Day!


  2. Hi Camille,
    Excellent Austin. Do you have some on your blog Camille? I will take a look. Yes Matt will hopefully post soon:) Happy Mother's Day to you too. Blessings Pippa


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