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Monday, May 30, 2011

Classtools.net. Techie Site of the Week


Do you want to get your students hooked on their academics while playing games?  Classtools.net is a unique, free, educational gaming site which allows teachers to create games using their own quizzes, activities and diagrams.  Free Flash templates can be used as is,  or may be customized to create interactive games and activities in multiple formats from a single set of 10-25 questions and answers on any given topic.  As the student progresses in completing each level, the speed and difficulty of play increases.  Timelines, diagrams, graphic organizer tools, and essay planning tools,  appropriate for every grade level are offered and easily accessed.

This website can be used for review of material or to reinforce concepts and test preparation.  Older students can make their own games to give to younger siblings:)  Endless ideas for gaming youngsters!

Watch this Youtube video to learn how to make your own game.

Blessings to you as you share in your student's "fun" factor in learning, and encourage them to be techie!


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