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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Planning on Walking the Camino!

With great trepidation and excitement,  my friend Nic and I start our shortened version of the Camino de Santiago today in Spain.  Spring has really welcomed Vancouver this week with gorgeous sunshine, but I cannot wait to see the foothills of the Pyrenees in Spain,  where we start our journey in Roncesvalles.

My hubby John is the hiking expert, owning a mountaineering store, in Surrey BC , so as you can imagine I did not have far to go for my supplies.  Here is a short packing list we have devised, with his loving care!

  • Sleeping bag and insert camping sheet
  • Backpack 30 l.  Osprey.
  • Leki walking poles.
  • Pillow case (stuff with vest)
  • Hiking Boots.  Love my Teva's.
  • Flip flops for evenings.
  • Runners in case of blisters.
  • Med kit- including blister kit, Melatonin, Ibuprofen (lots of aches and pains), Facial wipes (lots as can double on the walk for emergency situations;), sterile wipes, small tube antibiotic ointment.
  • Ablutions- comb, sun screen, camping soap x2, small bottles for shampoo and conditioner, sample size toothpaste and toothbrush. Snik lip balm.
  • Cutlery- small camping bottle, plastic spoon and knife to eat along the way.  Swiss army knife with all the little attachments one needs.  
  • Compass, pedometer, tiny notebook/pen, dictionary app on Iphone, plus charger and adaptor for Europe.  Cell phone plan.  Google Translate app or small dictionary.
  • Wicker based clothing made from Bamboo- one long sheet and one short sleeve shirt.  Two Lululemon shirts (built in bra).  Short shorts and longer cut off shorts easy dry and one long sleeve easy dry shirt to keep sun off arms.  Fleece sweater and vest,  and goretex raincoat, rainpants and wide brim hat. Leggings for wearing underneath rain pants if cold.
  • Two changes of underwear.  Oh No!
  • Three pairs of hiking socks- one thin, two thick.
  • Compression bags to squish all resources into tiny balls.
  • Waterproof inserts to protect objects in backpack if rains.
  • Tatonka money belt to carry cash/wallet underneath shirt.
  • Water sac to attach to backpack. Ultima Replenisher for hydration.
  • Sunglasses and a good book to read.  Of course!
  • Prayers!!
I will try and keep you updated along the journey!=)
Until then Buen Camino!