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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bringing 21 century education into God's Creation This Fall

How do we begin to get innovative and respect God's creation at the same time?  How do we get our students off the couch and encourage them outdoors?  We take the technology with us!

Study of a Figure OutdoorsImage via Wikipedia
Here are some ideas to get your students playing outdoors and indoors with their gadgets:)

1.  Beautiful fall days are on us so grab your camera, Iphone, video camera, IPAD and head for the hills, plains and forests.  Encourage your students to start taking pictures of different environments, plants, local features in the landscape, interesting buildings and people in their daily lives.  Then bring those tired but technically complete students home to load their images and start exploring.  Discover the beauty of God's creation through your student's lens, and share with the world on your blog, or Picasso Albums!

2.  Do you have a student that hates writing? Ask them what events he/she would like to attend in the community.  Then as a family head to the event armed with IPAD, or other gadgets and launch your student into being a JUNIOR JOURNALIST.  With applications like EVERNOTE for taking notes, and WORDLE for making your essay pretty, and STORYBIRD for inspired stories, your student will be encouraged to write passionately about their interest.  Interview your favourite athlete using your Iphone to record the interview.

3.  High school students who are studying CANADA, yes that boring subject that we LOVE to teach to DEATH, find a unique alternative and study one aspect of your learning outcomes by doing a comparison with WIKIPEDIA and your textbook to see who has the most current information.  Yes check out those links at the bottom of the page, and correlate to see who has the depth of information.  Following these links will help students find accurate information, and help them evaluate the type of sources using website evaluation tools.

Blessings to you as you prepare your students for 21 century education this fall.  What ideas do you have using technology this fall?  I would love to hear.


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