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Sunday, December 27, 2015

One Word

As we gear up for a new year this week maybe you are despondent to create goals and targets for 2016 only to see them fail dismally.  I have been there before and know only too well how they can be a set up, if you have not had time to pray and reflect on what you think needs to change within.

I started reading One Word that will change your Life by Jon Gordon (available on HCS e library) or here on Amazon,  and was immediately inspired by the simple concept.  This video encapsulates the vision behind one word.

My intention this week is to pray and ask God for my one word which reflects my vision for this year.  Already the word "Fearless" comes to mind.  With all the changes that have happened in education this year in BC I know I need to focus on being free from fear of change.  So I am going to ask my team to remind me and coach me with that prayer.

What is your one word?  I would love to hear how the Lord has inspired you to grow this year.

To find out more about the one word philosophy go to this website.

Blessings for a happy, healthy and spirit led new year in 2016.