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Sunday, March 22, 2015

whats Love got to do with IT?

This past month we have been exploring the Love of Jesus Christ at church (Peace Portal Alliance in South Surrey).  I was struck this week with our pastor Scott Dickie's passion for the demonstration of LOVE in our community.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16 Int.  

If we truly believe that Jesus died for us and his love and mercy endures forever why do we become so stagnant in our personal lives.  Why do we hold onto our idols and fail to turn to Him when we need Him MOST?  I think we hold on to the lie that we cannot do more than what we are doing because we are too busy, too tired, have too many of our own problems, or we are just one person and cannot initiate change. We leave the missionaries to do the job of helping others.  Yet our own community is failing to see the need for church and Jesus in their life.  Is it because we have left this to others to serve in our own community.  How can we hack our own community to see what needs matter most?

 I know that the message this morning at church impacted my own sin of holding onto my future financial plans instead of TRUSTING how God could use me to further HIS goals.  I always find at this time of year with taxes, and financial planning it is so easy to put one's owns needs ahead of God's plans.  God is gracious to clean my slate as soon as I run to HIM.

God has called us to serve one another in LOVE and disciple our next generation.  We are called to work things out for His Glory.

Our school's vision is to raise disciples and spread the Gospel into the homes and lives of our young people.  Are we working towards that end in our learning commons?

 How do walk alongside broken people in our work, in our community centres, in our 'makered' workshops, book clubs etc.  Are we serving a LIVING GOD, one who can produce CHANGE?  I think it is only when God changes our hearts that we can truly repent of our sin, give glory to HIM and start afresh in our community sharing our stories.

I know God wants my whole heart.   Going to give that extra piece I was holding back to Him!