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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Editing Tools using Titanpad, and Scribblar, with Guest April McLeod.

As a teacher Titanpad offers an excellent option for free online collaboration, whether it be in the classroom or in a conference.  You can engage with your students to mark their work, or you can collaborate with colleagues to finalize a project.  This application is really easy to share on the web!

Titanpad allows you to import text file, HTML, Word or RTF file formats. In addition to it, you can download the document as HTML, Plain text, bookmark file, Microsoft Word and in more formats.
 To get started all you need do is click on "Create Public Pad" and away you go!  This may be easier than Google docs for those students who don't have a gmail address.  Please let me know if you are using either and your evaluation thereof?:)

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April McLeod (HCOS teacher and book club moderator) shares more on how she uses Scribblar in her book club as a collaborative tool:)  Thanks April!!:)

 Scribblar, what a great name for an amazing tool!  A couple of months ago the Sr. High Book Club had outgrown Skype, and I was on the hunt for a new venue.  Another need I had was to have a place to share with the Essay writing course I was beginning. I thought of Elluminate, but wanted to investigate other options.  My requirements were: a place to meet with audio, whiteboard, chat, and ability to import other video and images to share with the students.  Lastly and probably second highest on the list was ease of use.

While working within another program called CyberNet Worlds, I was introduced to Scribblar by Gord Holden, our Immersive Technology Expert.  The site has a whiteboard, chat room, and interactive classroom with sound.  Totally safe and really fun!   It has writing tools for the whiteboard that include text, pencil drawing, highlighting, stamps, shapes, etc.  You can fill up many pages, as they just move and open up another whiteboard at the click of a button.  My students have especially enjoyed the pencil drawing.  Each week we meet there, have chats, I teach the week’s material, they work in groups in different classrooms (while I am listening in), they communicate with each other via chat box or by voice, draw pictures, etc. One example of how I used it is with The Sr. High Book Club.  I post the questions for the upcoming Book Club,  and they go in and sign up for which question they would like to present on.  Then during the Book Club, notes will be written right on the white board to show what we are discussing. Superb visual tool!  You can also import other images or word documents to share.

 As with all technology there is a learning curve, but I can honestly say that this tool has benefited my students and myself more than almost any other I have used,  and has been the easiest to learn how to navigate.  I love it!!  Hope you will check Scribblar out and see how it can help you!!

 Blessings to you Pippa, April and the learning commons team!

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