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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest: Techie Site of the Week

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This week I am happy to have Natalie Sing as a guest blogger share her new passion:)

 Pinterest  is a visual Social Networking opportunity, and an awesome tool for teachers and home educators to find inspirational projects on the internet.  When you register for Pinterest it is similar to Twitter. You begin following people and they can follow you. You can begin to pin websites, blogs, pictures and have a visual reminder of potential future projects. 

 What I like about Pinterest is the ability to produce “boards”. Each board can be for a specific purpose. This makes it great if you want to look at doing an art project later.   You can just go to your Art board and find a project you thought you might like to do “one day” with your student.

Your followers have the ability to repin one of your posts onto their boards. This is the aspect of community. You share, others share what you have shared and so on and so on....

There is an Iphone app for Pinterest as well. Even though I am quite new at Pinterest I can tell you that it is free, useful and fun!!
I encourage you to apply for a Pinterest account and then have a great time pinning!!
My boards are under NatalieSing or bchomeschoolmom.

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