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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ted Talk: Sugata Mitra on Personalised Education

Please watch this amazing Ted Talk given by Sugata Mitra, on the effects of digital learning, when teachers or adults are not around.  We are so used to ensuring that our organizational pedagogy is related to instruction, but based on this experiment, students may often learn best when they are left alone in groups, to discover educational technology for themselves.  How do we take the positive aspects of group collaboration, and make it work within our homeschooling setting?  How do your students' learn best?  I think we need to be examining how we can create true Christian community so that our students can teach others, and along the way the Gospel message!

I would love to hear your thoughts?
Blessings to you
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  1. Hi Pippa,
    Thanks so much for bringing this video to our Ning. I saw this TED talk while I was in University finishing my degree. Within the educational world our society places so much emphasis on the ability of the teacher to educate. I found this amazingly refreshing to see his trust and belief in these students to educate themselves when given tools and a group of collaborators to learn with. I believe our learning camps can provide opportunities for a similar kind of education. I saw it happen during our Robotics camps at times. Problem-solving skills are so important in life and providing avenues for our students to work together to seek a solution or to educate themselves requires not just a setting, but educators around that believe and trust in students' abilities to teach themselves and each other things they are interested in.
    Thanks again!

  2. You are welcome April:) Thanks for your comments. Yes learning camps are an amazing opportunity for all our students to be involved in collaboration and problem solving. We need to have more opportunities to share in this way. Blessings Pippa


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