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Monday, March 5, 2012

March and April delights, St Patricks Day, and Easter!

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It is time to ponder and celebrate our Lord Jesus, his suffering, and sacrifice on the cross.  How best to teach the life and times of Jesus, as not only the Lamb but also the only Salvation for our sin?  Our learning commons team has shared their resources, links, books and DVD's which may help you further your student's understanding of the cross.

On Overdrive grab your E reader,  and head on over to our Easter collection! Or check out our religion section.

In our campus library check out some books on Easter.

For weblinks on Easter check these out!
Lent and  Easter links.

If you are wondering more about Saint Patrick, and want to go green for the occasion, check out these ideas for some fun celebrations.

Some beautiful flowers in the sun.Image via Wikipedia It is also that time of year where spring arrives with bunnies, flowers and abundant life!  Peruse the seasons link for spring lesson plans.

To hear more Easter news, techie happenings, blogger alerts and latest book reviews check out our Scoopit Newsletter,  with more blog articles and news around all things amazing in the learning commons!

We look forward to serving you in our learning commons.  If you want to contact us for reference queries please do so on our website,  using the Contact Us sign on the main interface.

As you enjoy your spring break we wanted to take the time to thank all teachers, students and families for your wonderful support of our learning commons team and resources.  We continue to grow because of your faithfulness!

Blessings from the Learning commons team!

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  1. Thanks!!! Eagerly waiting for the St.Patricks day and Easter on this spring.

    Saint Patrick’s Day

  2. Stopping in to say *hi* Pippa! May the LORD bless you all as you celebrate HIM this Spring! Praying for you.......

    (Psalm 46)

  3. @Altax thanks for your blessings! God bless you this Easter!
    @Camille thanks so much for stopping by and sending your prayers:) Praying all is well with you too! Hope you are enjoying your spring break!


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