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Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Day and Canadian Global Campaign for Education

Yes today is election day and we have an important civic opportunity to play in today's decision making!  But along with that is another opportunity to share in Global Action Week this week, May 2 – 8!

Listen to Kagiso Lesego Molope recount her story of growing up in South Africa, and the importance of women and girls’ rights in education.  Although I am slightly older than Lesego,  I can recall many of the sad incidents she reflects, on before womens' rights were celebrated in South Africa.  I lived there, and enjoyed many of the privileges that she was denied.  Growing up in South Africa was a sad irony, and God instilled in me a great desire for equal opportunity and civil rights for all.   Education is something which is now treasured by a large majority of South Africans, who were denied their very basic rights, or deemed to be lower in the education rankings.  Praise God with the end of Apartheid, women and children could apply to schools,  no longer reserved for students of a specific race group. 

To further your understanding of global education here are some lesson plans from the Global Action Week blog

If you are looking for updates on today's election campaign go to:

Elections Canada

CBC Canada Votes



CTV Election 2011

I pray that we as a homeschooling group can find a few minutes today to discuss the importance of global responsibility in education and voting democracy.

Blessings to you!


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