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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EPortfolios via Blogging

Some of my blogging parents are creating their E portfolios via blogging.   This makes my job so much easier, (very little emails required), and my mums enjoy the whole blogging process.  My students are unaware they are being assessed and enjoy the continuing feedback.  Win win situation!
Serena (grade1 student- future author, designer, technologist, actor and artist)
Dane and Levi ( grade 3 and 1. Future artist, poet, teacher, architect)
Christine   ( grade 7.  Future author, teacher, nurse and baker.)

My younger students love sharing on Kidblog.org. 
Thank you God for BLOGGING!!  I wonder what aspects of blogging you are enjoying?

Blessings to you:)


  1. Some wonderful blogs! What a powerful communications tool to connect information and activities from the homes to the teachers to the greater learning community. It invites CELEBRATION!
    Thank you Pippa and families!

  2. Yes I am thankful to my families who make my job so much easier. Let us have a blogging party, LOL. Blessings to you Shelley and to all my students and mums!


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