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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hockey Time in Canada!

So the Stanley Cup is almost within reach, if we can keep those Predators at bay and win this series.  My family is amazed at my recent hockey addiction (born in South Africa and raised on rugby and cricket, they laugh at my new found love for ice and speed).  I promise it has nothing to do with the probability standings in the competition.  I have fallen in love again with the whole community aspects of being a Canadian, and fighting for hockey night.  Of course remembering that we need to LOVE the Canucks even when they lose is part of the process.  I am not trying to jinx the game or anything, but understanding how to be a good sport is role modeling to our kids.  As well as knowing that true victory, is victory in Christ!

"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57

 I can say.. Go CANUCKS Go!!

So with hockey night happening again tonight, here are your links to all the action, including some lesson plans for teaching your "younguns" the game. 

Legends of Hockey. Stanley Cup History.

NHL official site

Hockey Canada Games and Stuff.

Vancouver Canucks Podcasts.

2011 Playoffs Canucks Official website.

Professional Hockey in Canada.  Learning resources for students on hockey in Canada.

CBC. Sports Stanley Cup Playoffs.

List of Stanley Cup Champions.  Wikipedia.

Hockey Ministries International.  Be inspired by Christian hockey players.

A Brief History of Hockey on Canada.  Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Teachers for lesson plans register for the Fins online community to access educational resources.
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Blessings to you as you holler and wave your white cloths tonight!!

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  1. ggood work, pippa. luke

  2. Thanks Luke! I hope to see you in the Stanley Cup one day. I know you are a great hockey player:) Blessings Mrs D.


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