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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar time- The Importance of Visual Literacy

Edutopia looks at Life on the Screen with George Lucas and Martin Scorcese,  the importance of visual literacy and the new language of image and sound.  How do you incorporate classic cinema in the classroom?

  I love reading a book and then watching the movie, and making contrasts as to how the author presented the story in my mind, as opposed to on the screen.  Was it really an authentic reproduction of the tale? 

This week I have been watching the BBC version of Bleakhouse by Charles Dickens, and I am really enjoying the stylistic recreation of London during Dickens' time.  For those students who find it harder to read some of the old classic authors, watching the live version on screen is a wonderful alternative.  Of course you cannot beat the real feel of a book, and Dicken's use of language to make your imagination recreate the whole ambience!

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  1. The boys had free tickets to a movie that expired tonight, so at the last minute we did a quick search for a movie. Much to our surprise we discovered that Rosemary Sutcliff's book Eagle of the Ninth has been made into a movie! Troy has read half the book so hopefully this will inspire the finishing of the next half. Best to be seen with a parent as it is PG. I also thought Gnomeo and Juliet might be fun to see on video when it comes out after listening to Romeo and Juliet it on CD (Shakespeare always being better heard than read).

  2. Hi Laura, Thanks for your suggestions. Let me know how Eagle of the Ninth works out? I am sure this will motivate Troy:) I also looked at Gnomeo and Juliet and wondered if it would be a good reflection of the book. I LOVE Shakespeare! I agree with you on the latter- it would be fun to do a Shakespeare Bard on the Beach together. Blessings Pippa


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