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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inviting Communication and Participation

I have been thinking over the last while about what works in a brick and mortar school and how our school is different, in regards to student and parent participation.  Working in an online distributed learning environment is not always as conducive to interaction, bouncing off ideas, sharing, collaborating, experimenting and learning innovation.  How do we do encourage parent participation in the education of students that enhances respect, and a desire to contribute? What do teachers want in the way of professional development?  I would love to find out from you, what you would like to see happening in our school in the way of technology education, and how we as co-educators can help your students move into the 21 century?

I invite your thoughts and comments on my blog, so that we can move forward towards being good listeners;  towards a vibrant learned community, which is engaged in innovative thinking beyond textbooks and dry academia.   This of course involves technology that has value in your lives, and not technology for technology's sake.  I value relationship with you, and I pray that you will find the time to let me know how technology is impacting you and what you would like to learn as students and as a larger community?  I hope in my library, surfing time to find technology that reflects our school and our way of learning.

Blessings to you

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