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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engaging students with Video documentaries.

I love sharing interesting documentaries and video files that can be included in the classroom.  Snag learning is made for teachers to promote effective discussion within the learning community.   Questions below the documentary will get students thinking and sharing.   Only snag with Snag(no pun intended, is that some of the video streaming did not work for Canadian viewers).

Other ways to watch video include Academic Earth where all the world's scholars congregate to ponder the world's problems. 
Big Think is a global forum connecting people and ideas.
5minLifeVideo includes instructional video in shorter five minute format.
Brightstorm is for teachers including video content from the Best teachers in the World.  Maybe some of our teachers need to be included here!:) *****
CosmoLearning is a free universal portal for educators and homeschoolers.
Learner.org or Annenburg Learner is one of my favourites, along with PBS  for finding lesson plans and great video content.  I shared Schooltube recently and was interested in finding out if anyone had ease uploading their videos?  We sure did...but this is a good place for students to share in what other students are doing.
NeoK looks amazing- it is definitely worthwhile using!  This is child friendly and easy to use  *****

I love TED Talks, *****and sharing them as discussion starters is a wonderful way to get debate going!
 YoutubeEdu is the educational component of Youtube and useful for high school students or teachers.  Many of our students love Brainpop which we subscribe to as a school, and if you have not checked it out it is worth your time.  We also subscribe to Discovery Streaming, which for many homeschooling students is a staple.  I have yet to try out Vimeo, but I love the look of their Video school with instructional content.
For Christian video content check out Godvine and Godtube

I would love to hear some feedback from some of you who may be using video in the classroom, as to what works best for you?

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