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Monday, February 14, 2011

How to raise Boys who READ?

In one of my last posts I shared a video about gaming and the effects it has on boys.  Here is an article by Thomas Spence from the Wall Street Journal on raising Boys who Read.  I tend to be of that opinion that typically boys will read, and learn to read when using technology, and staying active and absorbed in something that relates to their interests. This could be a hard cover book, video game, educational game or audio book.

Removing technology is not the solution, but creating times for reading classics is a definite must!  E readers have opened up a huge plethora for reading in this category.   Teaching your students how to read online is an effective skill for media awareness, and critical thinking,  and it is something 21 century students could be doing.  Our school is going textbook free in the next few years,  and so are many schools in North America.   Boys can and will do both, if you as a parent are excited about reading.

Parents have to role model reading to their sons, and share reading habits that work for your student's learning style and habits.  I love sharing books with my son, and online book clubs are a great way to meet this using technology.  Most of the students in my book club are male...  Hmm this seems to defy the odds out there:)

I would love to hear how technology is effecting your son and his reading habits?  Can you have a video gamer and a "classics" child at the same time?

PS if you have a teen this Rebelution blog is for your son or daughter:)

God bless you as you encourage your students with reading.


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