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Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating Poetry and Writing!

Some of my students have enjoyed writing poetry,  creating Storybirds, and writing stories this month, and so I wanted to celebrate, and share some of their work. I hope you enjoy their artistic creations.  

Simon Eenkooren Grade 9:  Death

When my mind does think of death,
While some may tremble and flee,
I do not sharply intake my breath,
Nor do I crash upon my knees.
I smile at Him who gives me strength,
And to Him I gently say,
“In Your time, my Lord, my Saviour,
But come quickly for Your creation.”
T'is but a time before the Call,
When Jesus cometh for us all.

Ballad - The Wisdom of the Sages

When the world is looked at from the wisest of eyes,
There seems to be nothing but evil and demise.
The rich are fat but unsatisfied; full but barren,
And men strive for greatness, only to find the Fouler’s lies.
Nought does death care for piles of clothes,
Or knowledge, or wealth,
For death can only take the body,
Down with its shadowy stealth.

Tabitha Eenkooren Grade 9
Good or bad,
Fearsome and sad
To those with no hope
In the One who has the eternal note

My love for death is sweet
For in heaven Jesus is the One I will meet.
I do not fear death—no
For my Saviour above loves me so.

Life’s Seasons
Based on Ecclesiastes 3
By Tabitha Eenkooren

Life has many seasons,
Some happy and some sad.
We don’t know of all God’s infinite reasons,
But can be comforted times will not always be bad.

Be thankful there is a time for everything.
This gives us much comfort and hope.
There is always promise of a new song to sing,
Bring forth your faith with a shout! Cherish every note.

Matthew Davies Grade 9:  The Soldier
Knee deep.
Steady sounds of fire, soulful screams, and dying gasps,
Some fall, some rise, but I cower and weep.
My soul too fragile, my heart too weak,
Bearing the scar of man's deceit.
With regret I cry, for thinking true men go to war.
Coward is me who cringes under lonesome lore.

Charge forward with rifle in hand.
Stop. Stare.
Glaring eyes at men who together stand.
As one for War and War for One!

Serena Ippel Grade 1
FOREST; A list poem by Serena, including Wordle

Squirrels scurry
Raccoons scamper
Bunnies hop
Blue birds sing
Robins twitter
Trees shake
Ferns rustle
Daffodils blossom
Blue jays fly.

A Runny Babbit poem by Serena & Mommy

Sicken Chalad
Chewered Skicken
Brye Read
Leat Moaf
Sash Squoup
Somato Toup
Burkey Troth
Pocolate Chudding
Canilla Vake
Mueberry Bluffin
Tungry Hummy
Tunch Lime!

Check out Serena's blog to see her  Storybirds

Matthew Stokes Grade 1 :Peace

Peace is .....
Peace is when you've ended a war.
When it's really quiet,
When you're by yourself,
When you're kind to people.
That's peace.
Bekah Stokes Grade 3:  The Happy Birthday Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I know some special presents
Are coming to you!

Luke Fulton Grade 5:  Dust Mite, Who and Wherefore Art You?

I know where mustard comes from.  I know where cotton comes from.  But I don’t know where dust mites come from. And I had never really met one until recently.

My mom is always cleaning! She is really concerned, because I have an allergy to dust mites.  Only dust mites.

Where do dust mites comes from?  They seem to multiply faster than the bunnies at Ladner, Leisure Centre.  Do the dust mites live in dust?  There are probably ten million of these guys living in your mattress, but not mine.  I’m sure there are a lot less in mine now.

That’s because my mom bought me a cover for my mattress and my pillow.     My mom cleaned the walls with vinegar. She doesn’t want me to be taking more medication than I need to.  Sometimes I clean out my orifices, ( the holes in my head)  with salt water.
Well, we are not supposed to be able to see these little critters, unless it’s under an electronic microscope magnified 2000- times BUT the other night I heard a little tiny voice that said “I’m over here”.

 I knew it wasn’t my brother because I don’t have a brother.  I knew it wasn’t my stuffed animals, because it wasn’t any of their voices.  So who was it?

 Surprised, I said,  “Go away!” because I had a feeling that it was a lone dust mite. These guys are my enemies.  I can’t see them, and before I had the mattress cover they would attack when I was asleep.  Had one escaped the cleaning?

When I opened my eyes….something filled my whole vision !   This gigantic bug stared at me with beady eyes!  I stared back.  He stuck his tongue out at me.  I stuck mine back at him. Was it a monster, a space alien, a scary nightmare??? Was he a she?  I was seeing a dust mite with my naked eyes.  Was this possible?

We had a good talk.  I asked his name.  He said his name was Michaelangelo.  He told me he liked living with us. I don’t really like the idea of a bug, but here is the good news. They eat saliva, skin flakes,  and sweat so they are really amazing, cleaning agents.

Finally I said, “I really don’t want bugs in my room but you seem like a nice chap….I’m going to let you stay because you are a great maid.  And thanks for doing such a good job eating my saliva, devouring my skin flakes, and drinking my sweat.  You can stay.” 

  Now I know a dust mite personally, and since it’s just one – I’m not sneezing.  We are good  friends, and we are living happily ever after.
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