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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lapbooking Homeschool Adventures

Lapbooking is a favourite with many of my younger and middle grade homeschooling students.  Not only does it foster a love of independent learning, it allows younger students to be creative, learn how to cut and paste, do some active research and take pride in their artistic creations.  I prefer to use the lapbooking materials that I purchase as a base, and add some of my own questions to get students thinking more and interacting with their subject.  However, for younger students it is a welcome relief for parents to have their students engaged in something that requires multi-sensory learning, with less work for mums to think up the project requirements. 

Most of my parents use cardstock as a base for making lapbooks, and some use file folders that can be easily mailed in an A4 envelope for portfolios. These are generally large enough to be put into your lap, hence the name lap-book.   Mini-books are smaller versions of lapbooks, that can be incorporated into the larger version of lapbooks. 

If you are just starting out lapbooking then Lapbook Lessons will help you learn some creative ideas, and engage with other homeschoolers.  Homeschooling on a Shoestring will help you if you are on a budget.  Free Lapbooks requires Adobe Acrobat PDF for downloading, and make sure you read their copyright rules first:)

I think the lapbooking company that is most popular with my parents is CurrClick .  Developed by two homeschooling mums they offer easy, affordable lapbooking curriculum, on a variety of subjects.  History Through the Ages also offers some neat timelines, and lapbook activities.

To make a larger lapbook with more space for layout, watch this video on a double lapbook.

Ideas for Valentines Day:  Here is a video on making a Valentines Lapbook incorporating biblical elements and mini-books. 

You might have a student who would rather work online.  If so have them design their lapbook, or visual poster using EduGlogster

If you have a neat lapbooking link or would like to share your child's lapbook on my blog please feel free to send me your ideas.  I love sharing!

God Bless and Have Fun lapbooking!



  1. I write at www.jaygeenen.com. One of my novels called 'Pieces of Eden' may be of interest to you as well as 'The Perfect Shot' This story is about curling and growing up on a farm in Sask. The rough draft is at the site as a free download. Hope to hear from you Jay

  2. I will take a look Jay. Thanks for checking in to see my blog. Is The Perfect Shot written for young people? Blessings to you and your new book!


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