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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 25 Early Chapter Books

Moving from picture books to early chapter books is a HUGE transformation for young readers,  and brings with it a HUGE sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT.  This list was drawn up by our teachers for students who are moving from beginner readers to books with more print on the page.  Thank you HCOS teachers!   These books help with reader confidence, inspire good discussions, and include illustrations to keep younger kids visually absorbed.  The way to tell if a child is ready to move onto these kind of books, is to check to see if they cannot recognize more than five words on a page.  This is a sign that they are not ready for this kind of book, and to keep them in the beginner readers a little bit longer. Once your kids are introduced to one of these series, they will be hooked for a long time. 

List of Favourite series:

1.  Little House Chapter Books.
2.  Canadian Flyer Books.  Historical Fiction.
3.  Amelia Bedelia.
4.  Nate The Great.
5.  Veritas Press series.
6.   Sonlight Curriculum.
7.   Frog and Toad Books.
8.   Winnie the Pooh First Readers.
9.   Akimbo series.  Alexander McCall Smith.
10.  Imagination Station Books.  Adventures in Odyssey.
11.  Jeronimo Stilton.
12.  Box-Car Children.
13.  Sigmund Brouwer Early Chapter books.
14.  Stink series.
15.  Canadian Girls Series.
16.  Cam Jansen.
17.  Henry and Mudge.
18.  Black Lagoon Adventures.
19.  Animal Friends.  Janette Oke.
20.  Little Bear.
21.  All the Heroes for Young Readers.  YWAM.
22.  Charlotte Mason Read Alouds.
23.  Cul-de Sac Kids books.  Beverley Lewis.
24.   Junie B Jones.
25.   Pony Pals.



  1. As a former teacher and mom of 4 kids, ages 8 - 17, I share your love of literature. I love to use children's literature to incorporate topics from other areas (ie. science, math, business skills, etc.). I have reviewed several books for kids and teens that incorporate money management concepts. You can find them on my blog at: http://blog.moneytrail.net/2011/06/summer-reading-books-for-kids-teens.html

    Thanks for your list. I will definitely be referring to this list!
    Pam Whitlock

  2. Hi Pam. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the encouragement:) I took a look at your blog and it looks very informative on financial literacy for kids. I am always looking for interesting ways of teaching money management, and will glean some ideas likewise! Blessings to you! Pippa


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