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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Library Links

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Slogging out those last few school days may seem indeterminable, but summer is here and sunshine has come home to root.  Praise God for vitamin D, long leisurely days on the beach, suntan lotion, ice creams, books and more books, and family time.

Here are my best finds from our linking library this month:


Book of James Lapbook.  Thanks Katina:)

Cross Examined Christian young people are leaving the church at an alarming rate, mainly because they are not equipped to examine the skepticism and atheism they encounter after leaving home, often coming from their college professors.  Through seminars, television programs, podcasts, and this site, Frank Turek and the CrossExamined team help young people understand why the Christian faith is true and reasonable and train them to defend that view..


Wordia  Like a traditional dictionary, Wordia allows users to search for the spelling, meaning and etymology of a word but what makes Wordia unique is the ability for users to explore the personal connotation of word through video.

Idiomdictionary New idiom dictionary with over 5000 idioms therein.


Sugar Stacks Learn more how to read labels, to gauge sugar levels on foods we eat with Sugar Stack.

Nourish Interactive  Kids Food Pyramid game.

Fatworld Learn more about obesity, while playing games, and doing fun activities on Fat World.

NSF Scrub Club Scrub Club is for young children to learn more about healthy living, and washing to stop germs from spreading.


Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets  KidsLearningStation.com is the newest addition to the All Kids Network. This site is dedicated to providing high quality printable worksheets for teachers, parents and other care givers.


Summer Reading List.  101 Books That Hook Kids on Reading.  Thanks Tanya:)

Comic Creator  invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts (prewriting, pre- and postreading activities, response to literature, and so on). The organizers focus on the key elements of comic strips by allowing students to choose backgrounds, characters, and props, as well as to compose related dialogue (shown at left). This versatile tool can be used by students from kindergarten through high school, for purposes ranging from learning to write dialogue to an in-depth study of a formerly neglected genre.

Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project.   Social Studies and Humanities Research Council of Canada present a linking library of Shakespeare, interviews with playwrights, lots of teaching guides, a virtual exhibit, and other learning themes centred on Shakespeare.

Myvocabulary  is a spelling curriculum that helps with Latin and Greek roots, includes puzzles and provides tests and word lists.


Slimekids  This school media site is full of good things from, book reviews, reference tools, search engines, book trailers and games. Created by Andy Fine; a teacher and web designer.


Classics for Kids  Learn more about composers, dance, listen to podcasts and enjoy music activities with this child friendly site.


Donna Ward PDF document containing teacher guide and Ebook with ESL content for Canadian Government, grade 5.   Thanks Laura:)

Canadaworksheets Lots of lovely worksheets for Canada.  Still in Beta mode so watch for new additions.


Apps for children with special needs. 

VIDEO GAMES   Christian Gaming looks with Christian perspective at all games,  and reviews them.


PicLit Inspires Writing
You can use prompts or you can pick a picture and write freestyle. Great for middle school and high school creative writing inspiration.

Poetry forms
These are great for students that need some help for writing various forms of poetry.

A Paragraph a Week
Writing prompts that will challenge children to write on a large variety of topics.

Wacky Web Tales
More writing forms for fun writing.

General Language Arts Resources
I especially like the bookmark response bookmarks that are for older students.

Learning the Elements of Fiction
This is fun and interactive for a younger student.

Blessings to you for a warm and blessed summer, and all the right kind of learning in the shade of a tree:)

Pippa and Natalie
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