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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As a teacher librarian I just love Qwiki for all kinds of reference retrieval.  Just enter your question and a computer generated voice will relate information while displaying images, maps and videos.  This is a breathtaking tool for all students to use for finding relevant, visual, and interesting information.  Your search is fast, experiential and very personal. It currently holds a database of over 3 million articles and is constantly expanding. I am not sure how often this gets updated, but I guess if it is like Wikipedia it will be on a regular basis.  This is my new best techie tool this week, this month and this year!  Yes for reference librarian Qwiki!

Blessings to you!


  1. Pippa this is a wonderful resource - I got lost in the art section just by typing in Da Vinci... there was just so many great Qwiki's on art with great pictures. Thanks once again for finding these gems!

  2. Hi Natalie, Yes it is so cool. You are welcome. I can't wait to see you on this blog sharing:) Blessings Pippa

  3. Hi Pippa, I didn't know Qwiki was available on the web. I use it on my iPad through an app.

  4. Hi Claire,
    Yes it is, but maybe you get a fuller experience using an IPAD? Here is what I discovered, "The app features "finger friendly" interactive media assembled on-the-fly describing millions of people, places and things. Users can browse topics by location or via keyword search.

    Doug Imbruce, Qwiki's Founder and CEO, says, "Compared to our web product, the Qwiki App for iPad presents a drastically improved user experience. As a result, user traffic from the Qwiki App quickly surpassed traffic to the Qwiki website, reinforcing our vision that Qwiki is a perfect medium for the post-PC era."

    Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/06/09/3689673/qwiki-app-for-ipad-passes-500000.html#ixzz1OuxCuuhf


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