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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Learning Commons: Theme of the Month. Seashore!

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Natalie, Shandra and I have collaborated this month to start a new Learning Commons theme.  We hope to have a new theme each month celebrating all the wonderful new additions we find online, and in the physical campus library.  We hope you enjoy!

This month we are excited to bring you information/curriculum resources on the SEASHORE and OCEANS.


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All samples are from homeschoolshare.com and are good for elementary aged students.

The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown.

Salmon lapbook animal study.

Sea Star Lapbook.

Coral Reef Animal Study.

Whales Animal Study and Lapbook.


Half a Hundred Acre Wood:  Nim Island Unit study and lapbook.

Oceanography:  The Waters He called Seas.

Treasures at Sea. Exploring the Ocean through Literature.


Jason Science. Check the oceans theme under Past curricula.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Ocean Planet Smithsonian.

The Ocean.  National Geographic

Surface supplied diver at the Monterey Bay Aqu...Image via Wikipedia

Monterey Bay Aquarium Games and Interactives.

Ocean craft activities.

Oceans Gallery

Let's Make Waves science activity




Discovery Streaming.  Type in seaside and tons of videos and learning tools are at your fingertips.

Ebscohost and Searchasaurus.  Type in summer fun and you will find lots of educational activities.  Or type in seashore for more information.  To refine your search pick what type of source you would like from the icon screen, magazines, newspapers, animals and books.  This narrows down your search.

BrainPop  Search  Underwater World, Ocean Currents, Oceans,  for a movie and other fun filled activities.

Gizmos.   Use for more information on oceans, tides and the water cycle.

Enchantedlearning.  Earth's Oceans.

Books - bookcase top shelfImage by ~ Phil Moore via Flickr

Books from the HCOS Library:

We have a number of books in the library on the topics of Seashore and Oceans. I have created a Visual Search icon so they are easy to find!

1.     Log in to the library website at:
2.     Click on the Catalog tab. This will take you a Visual Search Screen.
3.     Click on A Monthly Library Theme icon.
4.     Click on Seashores

Now you will see a list of books we have available! Please note that books will not be sent after June 30th.  

Blessings to you from Natalie, Shandra and Pippa!

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