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Monday, March 28, 2011

Voice Thread. Techie Site of the Week

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Discussion in the classroom is not only limited to Skype and Google Chat.  With Voicethread you can collaborate with a whole classroom with voice, and discuss media and its' impact.  For simple full presence communication you can engage students in discussions about all learning, whether it be a; novel study, book review, or second language learners as they practice speaking, interaction with teacher's videos explaining math,  digital storytelling in history, or sharing digital portfolios.  Graphics included in the VoiceThread can be any digital images. Students can also use the doodling tool to draw on the screen while recording audio. This can be helpful to point out areas of interest, such as when discussing art or architecture, or when solving mathematics problems.

The free Pro subscription is limited to 3 voicethreads, 30 minute of video commenting and 75mb of storage.  There is a charge for premium subscription of $60 per year for a full class use.

To view how resources are used check out the education links.

Browse their library.

Watch a tutorial on how to make a Voicethread.

To learn how to use in Moodle.

Other alternatives to Voicethread are Voxopop, or Ourstory.com which is free and allows users to make family timelines and histories with stories attached.

Suggestions for other audio options are found at Web 2.0 For the Classroom.

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