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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paraphrasing and Citation Preparation for University with APA and High School MLA

Do you have students in grade 11/12, who are thinking of going to university?  If so you will want to encourage your students to watch this online tutorial , from Harvard University, which covers, paraphrasing, citing and avoiding plagiarism.  In three modules you will learn about defining paraphrasing; Rules for quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing; and Tips and strategies for successful paraphrasing. The tutorial includes a self-check exercise that gives tutorial users an opportunity to paraphrase texts by HGSE faculty, and provides an answer key.

If you are a high school or middle grade student at HCOS, please note that all teachers use the MLA method for citation.  The Cornell University Library , University of BC, or Owl of Purdue, have very good websites, which will help your students decipher the appropriate method for citing their works.  If you need help formulating your bibliography there are some excellent links on my website .  OR if you want the shortcut after you have covered this lesson, watch this High Tech Library video for an easy solution to use BibMe!

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