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Monday, March 21, 2011

Libyan Civil War Teaching tools

With all the news on Libya right now, I thought I would share some resources that are educationally linked to this new civil war.  This  might be a good conversation to have with students regarding the role that the United Nations plays, especially Canada's role in the current no fly zone over Libya?   Is imperialism involved? What are the reasons for sending our troops in?   Christian worldview should be paramount.  Where is God in this picture?  Should Christians participate in revolutions?

CBC Libyan Unrest Spreads
CBC Moammar Gadhafi and his family.  Profile article

2011 Libyan Uprising- Wikipedia article.

Libya No Fly zone   Globalsecurity.org article.

War News Updates.  Civil War in Libya; list of up to date links.

Larry Ferlazzo's Best Resources for What is happening in Libya

Libya: Violence is worse than you see on news.  Christian Telegraph.

Libya situation worse than what you see on the News.  Open Doors asks for prayer from around the world, especially persecuted Christians. 

Libyan Civil War Interactive map and Videos.  Free Technology for Teachers.

Libya Protests and Revolts.  New York Times

The Role Social Media has played in Egypt and Libya.  The Wall.

Canada's Role in Libya   Yahoo News video links.

Globe and Mail.  Commons backs Canada's Deployment to Libya.

Kevin Swansons Latest Broadcast.  Revolution VS Regeneration.  Kevin Swanson takes a biblical perspective towards this important social issue.

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