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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Truth
By Tabitha Eenkooren
Christmas time is here!
It’s fun to get excited about the food, gifts, shopping, snow, festive lights, functions and family gatherings. And yes, all those things are important and they all add to the feeling we have about what Christmas is, but I think we often get too caught up in some things which are not the real reason for Christmas. We actually celebrate Christmas to remind us of one thing which happened 2000 years ago: The birth of Christ, who was sent down to the world for us as a gift, to be our Saviour. He came to make us happy, joyful, and plant in us a giving spirit full of love and care for family and those special to us. I truly think that if we are not entirely focused on sharing that truth at Christmas time, we get way too caught up in the shopping and food aspect of Christmas, when really that isn’t the most important part. I heard a story from one of our friends about how her mother was apologizing for not getting both her daughters equal gifts money wise. The mother was actually worrying about what to do. Our friend (who was the daughter who wasn’t getting an “equal” gift) told her mother that she couldn’t care less, and in more words, it wasn’t the amount of money spent on the gift which mattered. This is a very good example of how caught up people get in regards to “equal” gifts. What does matter is how much you love the family around you, the spirit of generosity you have, the thankfulness for what you do have, and what your attitude is. I am not saying it’s wrong to give gifts and go out shopping. I believe that is a way for us to love our family and friends. I just believe when people over- do some things, it takes the real meaning out of Christmas.
I remember one Christmas about 10 years ago or so, here at Totem Co-op, we had a very special time, which I still remember even though I was very young. Signs were made saying “Santa STOP here! ______ and ________ have been good this year” The blanks were filled in with the children’s names who lived in that particular house. I remember being thrilled with the bright red stop sign which had my name on it! Even a “little” thing like that can make children feel special. Also, another thing which we did one year was had a Santa Clause come to the Community Hall. He let everyone sit in his lap and gave each child a gift. I still remember what present I got and to this day I still have it. To me, that was a very special time, and looking back on it now when I am older, I really think it was considerate of the people in the Co-op to organize something like that. To me that shows community and the gift of not only giving something tangible like a gift, but giving a memory too. I feel personally that those types of things are missing in the world and our general society today. I know lots of those types of things still happen in malls and places like that now days, but feel it’s missing in our community. Things are different and time changes things, but the real meaning of Christmas, and the spirit of it should/can never die.
As the Christmas season comes, I personally encourage everyone (not only teens) to really think about doing stuff for other people which they will remember, and which will last in their hearts and minds. A saying which we have in our family is “What are more important, people or things?”
I wish you all a very cheery and merry Christmas full of fun, love, laughter, friends, family, and remembering the real Reason for the Season.


  1. Well Done Tabitha! Excellent Christmas message:)

  2. How lovely that you have guest authors on your blog Pippa! I enjoyed reading Tabitha's post. :)



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