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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Biography Fair

Thank you Pippa for letting me do some bragging here on your blog!

Here's a photo of Serena posing in front of her display at Biography Fair. She decided to pick a real life princess as her subject - Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. We had lots of fun looking at and selecting pictures and designing the display. In lieu of a speech, I interviewed "Princess Grace" to give the audience more information about this dazzling princess. When I manage to find the time and my brain, I'll figure out how to load up the video footage of our interview!


  1. Wow this is so cool Serena. You look like a princess! Your project looked amazing. Well done Serena and mom for figuring out how to blog. You rock:)

  2. It was so fun for you to dress in character at the Biography Fair. Your creativity really shined through your project and "interview" May this be the first of many amazing people you learn about for the annual SDHL Biography Fair !. Laura Weatherly


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