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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bronze Bow and Book Club Buzz

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the life and time of Jesus?  At our recent book club meeting to discuss The Bronze Bow, we delved into the main protagonist Daniel, an eighteen year old youth, and his quest for freedom from the Romans. 

We learned that during the time of Jesus in Judea, many people were oppressed and enslaved, and several characters were witness to this kind of daily humiliation.  But none more so than Daniel, who loses his parents to Roman hostility, and vows vengeance on all Romans with an outlaw band of fighters.  So much so, that his life becomes one long theme of hate and vindication.  Daniel must understand firsthand what leadership is all about, as he makes mistakes and learns that a good leader needs friends who will love and protect each other.  His friends draw him to the miracles of Jesus, where as a follower he comes to understand a Christian worldview of life.  But it is not until the end of the book where Daniel is convicted of his own sin, that we start to see repentance and a new life in Christ.  

What an amazing story full of action, suspense, character development, excellent vocabulary and a wonderful conflict resolution.  In terms of meeting all the literary technique for intermediate grades, this book helped our book clubbers understand; setting, theme, protagonist versus antagonist, and conflict resolution.  I commend my book club students for their wonderful interpretation of the gospel of Jesus. 

I highly recommend this book to all students who are wanting to engage in historical fiction with a Christian worldview.

Our next book club meeting is on January 12 at 7.45pm.  We will be reading The Hobbit, just in time before the movie comes out:)  If you are interested in joining in this meeting please email me at pdavies@onlineschool.ca

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