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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions: Strengthfinders 2.0

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This year I have been so thankful and proud of my learning commons team, who have risen above the ordinary in moving towards a twenty-first century library.   We have worked with common purpose to fulfill some strategic short and long term goals.  But without understanding our common purpose and strengths in life, how do we support each other in mutual growth?

As we anticipate how information and technology have impacted our lives sometimes we hear the exclamation that it takes too long to learn things, and why should I have to if I don't need to?  After all aren't we all working too hard, just to keep the ever increasing information overload at bay:)

Having just completed reading Strengthfinders Web 2.0 by Tom Rath I was amazed at how my gifts in library science and teaching lined up with the half hour online survey, which I needed to complete at the end of the book.   I really loved the way this book focused on the top innate gifts in your life, and encouraged you not to stress your weaknesses.

I learned from a young age that numbers were not my 'thing',  after a terrible year in marketing actuaries.  Instead God encouraged me to follow my gifts of "Learner, Input, Connectedness, Intellection and Strategic".  Libraries, teaching and leading in these fields have been a joy and passion to pursue. Of course there are other skills that I thought maybe should have been on the list,  but these were the top 5:)  When I break down the skills I see;

Life long Learner =teacher.
Input = collector of information/librarian.
Connectedness= collaboration and social networking/book club moderator.
Intellection= literary analyst and story maker.
Strategic = Intuition and leading in learning commons. 

After reading this little gem, I have come to realize that  maybe one of the reasons we gel with certain people is because they bring out our gifts:)  When we understand each others' strengths we learn how to partner and empower each other.  If we fail to do this and instead focus on their weaknesses we really lose sight of God's encouraging influence.  I am learning to rely on my teams' strengths and empower them to follow their gifts. 

So if you are reading this and say to yourself "hmm this is why Pippa loves sending out information on a regular basis", you will start to understand what makes me tick:)  Likewise I cannot wait to hear what makes you tick so we can learn from each other?

Have a wonderful New Year with God's richest blessings!!

Pippa and the Learning Commons Team

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  1. How lovely to learn just a little bit more about you Pippa! May the LORD indeed give you wisdom as you seek to follow HIM in the coming year and serve HIM with your talents! Thank you for sharing your insights here...I am sure this will be a great resource for others...you do not know how far-reaching it may be!!

    Many rich blessings to you and your family in 2012!

    With Love,

  2. Happy new year, Nice Information! I personally really appreciate your article. This is a great website. I will make sure that I stop back again!...

  3. @Camille thanks for your encouragement and kindness. Knowing His wisdom is definitely day by day and minute by minute, but love the process. Happy New Year to you too:)
    @IF. Thanks for your kind comments. Happy New Year to you too:)


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