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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Livebinders- Techie Site of the Week

Livebinders is a cool way for students or teachers to collect their resources in a 3 ring binder and share them neatly and quickly on the web.  You can add as many tabs as you like!  I am So excited to find another way to share!!    So I am starting my new Livebinder today on Learning Commons Monthly Treats. It is really easy to start a Livebinder, just watch the tutorial and away you GO! 

Here are a few of my favourites!

12 Ways to ELearning
Welcome to Livebinders 4 Teachers is a compilation of livebinders with lots of great resources.
Apps for Teachers and Students.
Digital Curation for School Librarians and Tech-Types.
Evaluating a Web Site
iPads in Schools.
Research Skills for History and Science Fair Projects
Using DropboxintheClassroom

Blessings to you as you share on the web.  I would love to know if you or your students are using Livebinders please, and how they are helping you learn more?  Drop me a line:)

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