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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Reading from our corner!

iPhone 4S and iPad OrnamentsImage by Photo Giddy via FlickrGreetings from the Learning Commons Team,

This year I have really opened up to reading on my iPad.  I never thought that reading could be so easy and effective electronically, BUT I am sold!!  Maybe it does not squish in my hands, but I love the large font, the bookmarks and the illuminating light which highlight the words.  I actually find that my speed reading has improved a ton.  Well okay.... I was always a fast reader, but now I am  a SPEEDMONSTER!:)  Thank you God for eReaders!  I have not had time to play with all the apps but I am learning!

To get you excited about all the happenings in the learning commons in the new year,  here is a little to whet your appetite.

1.  We will be launching Overdrive to all our students, staff and families in the new year, God willing.  So with that in mind please keep those eReaders as a possibility on the wish list for Christmas?  We do have some eReaders in our learning commons, that may be borrowed but not enough for everyone.  There are some great deals on readers like the Kobo (with wifi) right now, and this will bring you the closest to having an iPad without the expense.  Please be patient as we start off slowly with our collection development.  It will take some time to build on this collection.

2.  Our Readathon will be sure to INSPIRE some of our readers with some great prizes in the third week of January.  Clues are hinted at in the previous paragraph?:)  This year we will be open to both schools and all students K-12.

3.  Flat Stanley is set to launch in January and involves both our campus school and home school students.  We have ordered quite a few copies of the books to get you excited about all the literacy and writing possibilities Flat Stanley will inspire in your grade K-3 students.  All the Flat Stanley learning and sharing will take place on a wiki which will be launched on our library interface to coincide with the theme.  We are VERY excited about sharing how Flat Stanley can contribute to our warm and inviting community.

4.  Physical campus learning commons renovations are happening slowly but surely.  After completing a big weed and freeing up some more space, we are working at providing electronic access for Ereaders, netbooks and iPads in our learning commons, as well as a digital presenter.  The next step will be to provide some more innovative and comfortable furnishings to boost space and comfort.  We hope to see high school students, teachers and parents  in our learning commons to share, collaborate and build.   Possibly practice music, play music???  Shari would love to sing with you! 

A BIG thanks to all our learning commons team for working SO hard to make our learning commons dreams come true!  We pray your students will be blessed!

Christmas blessings to you



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