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Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Links!

Greetings fellow Bibliofiles.

As January draws to a close many of us are searching for good writing and reading tools, to help our students progress at their grade appropriate level.  So with this in mind I have focused on Writing as a theme, along with Valentines Day, Black History Month in February,  and some pertinent Canadian sites. 

WRITING:  Do you have a struggling writer who cannot decipher how to put a paragraph together?  With some of these links hopefully you will find something that resonates:

 Bitesize from BBC, breaks down the writing components into easy chunks for younger students to enjoy.  Interactive video content for all ages. 

Story Starters abound in this neat Young Writer's Workshop site with downloadable PDF documents for your younger students to get writing.  

 Book reporting forms for all grades come in handy downloadable forms from LovetoLearnPlace.com

READING - Audio files
Listen to the classics with HomeschoolRadio audio book on Great Expectations, just in time for our Readathon! 

Discover more suggestions for readathon books at the following HCOS library page

HOLIDAYS - Black History Month.  
Want to get your middle grade or high school students writing about  Martin Luther King, in time for Black History Month, then use these writing prompts to get them brainstorming.

Older students may want to listen to this wonderful audio lecture on Martin Luther King sent to me by Mark Daley, as a topic for discussion around freedom in western democracy and freedom from a Christian perspective.  High school students take this challenge, and listen in, and then write about what freedom means to you.

Or sign into our new Gale Cengage Learning subscription to learn more about  Black History Month.  These free Gale Black History resources can be obtained just by clicking on this link

 Counting on Art 
Both elementary and middle school activities and worksheets (equations, the Fibonacci Sequence) are included with this combined math and art lesson, where students will be exploring Alexander Calder's balancing act with his mobiles, and then creating their own versions.

 VALENTINES DAY- Resources for Christian Teachers has some interesting links to share this holiday with your students.
Valentine Game ideas has printable Valentines games to share from a Christian perspective. 
Teachnology has tons of teaching ideas for teaching units linking Valentines to science, language arts, cooking, and poetry!

EARTH SCIENCE- Earthquakes in BC.
Thanks to Trish her sent in this link on ShakeoutBC. where you can learn more about the potential consequences of earthquakes in BC.

Angela Paine reminded me to send out this Canadiana site from our library which will help with Canadian learning:)

BIBLE: Download this free printable Colossions in a Year booklet from Ann Voskamp's blog A Holy Experience.

Have fun reading, writing and researching this month as well as loving one another in Christ!

God Bless
Pippa Davies
HCOS Online Librarian

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