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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SpongeLab- Techie Site of the Week!

Spongelab is a unique science platform for teachers and students to find and share science resources.  It contains hundreds of educational games, 3D animations (such as a new "Build a Body" simulation), and stunning scientific images--all tied together within a content management system that provides detailed analytics and reporting tools for tracking student progress.  All you need do is register (free) and get started!  Use the community area to find Spongelab related content posted on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus without leaving the site. Be sure to check out under the What's New, Explore, and Featured Content tabs.  One excellent library feature is that images available on the site include licensing information in the caption, so you can learn which images are in the public domain or Creative Commons licensed for use in your own multimedia projects! Open them, save them, and cite them to create in any multimedia tool.

Enjoy science as you start up the school year!

Pippa and the learning commons team!


  1. Now that sounds cool! I will have to bookmark this. Thank you for sharing Pippa. :)


  2. You are welcome Camille! Let me know what you think? Blessings :)


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