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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Reasons why Library Newbies can love the Learning Commons!

Are you a "newbie" to HCOS/HCS and want to find out more about our learning commons?  Perhaps the word "learning commons" is a new Greek term to you, and you shy away from taking that first step;) 

Well to all our "newbies",  I welcome you to the learning hub of the school where students, teacher and families can get acquainted over literary and learning events. The "learning commons" term is the new buzz word in libraries.  Gone are the days of sterile corridors with unused encyclopedias,  and stern librarians peering down at you from their horn rimmed glasses!  Welcome to service with a smile, from a virtual and physical realm of literary bonanza!

Our goal this year is to make service our number one priority!  That means ensuring all of our patrons know how to access the learning commons, and find materials that match their learning needs.  We are also here to promote literacy, and provide reading events which will help your students engage in the world of books, media and other social learning.

So in a few short words here is what you will have to look forward to this coming year!!

1.  An invitation to join our E libraryThis will have been sent to you already via your teacher, along with directions to access the library on Overdrive.  This E library is different from our campus online library which has books and multi-media that can be shipped to your neighbourhood via Canpar.  At the e library you can access e books using an e reader or computer/Ipad, with a simple download, and never have to return a book to the system. 

2.  An invitation to join our campus online learning commons This invite will be sent by Shandra Wiebe our professional online librarian in Kelowna.  Discover the world of books, multi-media and kits shipped to your doorstep by our efficient Kelly Wiebe.  In our physical campus learning commons Naomi Sutherland and Sherri Funk will welcome students with great reading,  and information retrieval.

3.  An invitation to join our ning!  This social network is open to all students 13 years and older, and parents or staff who love learning in social environment.  Moderated by myself and our resourceful Natalie Sing (curriculum consultant), we connect with families and students and moderate book clubs and other such fun events like Fitness Funatics (way to meet your fitness learning outcomes).  Look out for a new book club starting soon called The Good and Beautiful God, by James Bryan Smith..

4.   An invitation to join our Flat Stanley global citizenship wiki in January.

5.  An invitation to join our school wide Read-a-Thon to run in January 2013.

6.  Invitations to join in lots of prayer groups  or poetic,  and literary events on the ning!

7.  An invitation to participate in a webinar  from; subscriptions updates,  techie tools,  research workshops and how to use the learning commons weblinking library and campus library.  If you have not checked out our Subscriptions Library see what Claire Pollok has organized for your enjoyment! Contact your teacher for your usernames and passwords.

 Webinars will be held on Blackboard Collaborate with LearnNowBC.  Check out the participant tutorial for more information!

8.  An invitation to connect with all reference staff on LibAnswers and find answers to your questions. Just look for the CONTACT US sign.

9.  Lots of monthly newsletters  keeping you updated with current awareness on new books/weblinks and themes in the learning commons.  These are forwarded to you by your contact teacher.

10. Student Book clubs and Adult book clubs.  I will be running the grade 6-8 book club, Grade 8 and 9 will also have book club in their GPP program with Kathy Kanda,  and Calvin Johnston will be running the grade 10-12 club (more information to come soon).  Adult book clubs are advertised on the ning and student book clubs via learning camp updates, as well as on the learning commons website!  This page will be updated as soon as book clubs are finalized.

Well hopefully you will have your appetite whetted for more fun things to come on our learning commons.  So stay tuned to our learning commons events calendar .....

Many blessings from the learning commons team, Natalie, Shandra, Kelly, Naomi, Sherri and myself ! 


  1. So many amazing resources! Thank you for all the work you do on our behalf Pippa! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Camille:) You are welcome! I am looking forward to a wonderful learning commons year! Blessings Pippa


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