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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What does Leadership Look Like?

I love pondering about what makes a good leader?  How does a large group of amazing teachers and staff,  not only enjoy their calling but feel truly appreciated?  Is it possible to validate every individual in a company, and create innovative growth.  Recognizing each person's God given gifts while purposing our vision as a school is all part of HCOS's mission.  Do we do that perfectly? Well I think that is our main objective, but it is hard to execute perfectly.   I love this quote which I read from a current Forbes article :

 "Looking beyond the noise involves embracing imperfection in one’s own self, others, and the immediate environment, while always seeking ways to positively improve one’s own self and inner beauty."

As a distance learning school sometimes the communication is hard.  But that should not be an excuse!   I love the term that is coined in this video, "people centric" leadership!  Empowering each other is such a wonderful delight!  Taking the time to listen and encourage one another is what Christian leadership is all about.   Watch this TED video where Bob Chapman shares his vision for leadership.

We are all leaders in some form.  My next read is The Way of the Shepherd!  Shepherding from the heart is probably my form of leading.  What is your type of leadership?

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