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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lazy summer days!

English: Cumulus humilis clouds in the foregro... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Countdown to the end of this week, and some warmer summer days are slowly lulling my brain into soft fluffy clouds.  Zero brain, and only fluff balls remaining.

 I have let down my guard and starting dreaming about reading, gardening, lazing and reading:) 

Here are some of my possible reads this summer from our E library!

1.  Start with Why- Simon Sinek.  Greg Bitgood recommended this one so I am hoping this will make a great book club read.

2.  The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

3.  Switch.  How to change when change is hard.  Chip Heath.

4.  Total Truth.  Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity.  Nancy Pearcey. 

5.  Out of our Minds.  Learning to be creative.  Ken Robinson.

6.  All is Grace.  A Ragamuffin Memoir.  Brennan Manning.

If you or your friends are interested in reading and commenting in our Ning Bookworms club feel free to join in the literary sharing, and bring your favourite author to the fore!  From Austen to Dickens,  I love to glean more from many of my literary friends.  Or join our Think Book club and come and learn how thinking is not as easy as you thought:)

Blessings to you for a safe, happy and Christ filled summer with your families!
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  1. Hi Pippa! Thanks for these recommendations! Yes, summer reading is here! I really enjoyed 'Start With Why', and I can't get enough of Sir Ken Robinson. 'Switch' I had on my iPad from the BC Virtual Library, but alas, 21 days expired without getting very far into it - I wonder if I should read their first book before this one? In any event, thanks for the post & looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the 'Think' forum.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Welcome! Yes I am so glad I don't have to wander far to get my E books this summer:) I did not know there was a first book to Switch? Hmm I am thinking it might be a good place to start. Do you know the title Paul? Likewise I look forward to your "think' ideas:) Thanks for the encouragement! Blessings Pippa

  3. Happy, happy summer to you my friend! May the LORD bless you with rest and quiet. Thank you for always being such an encouragement to me over at *my place*.....

    Love to you!

  4. Hello Camille,
    Thank you for your encouragement:) I am enjoying the rest and quiet and reading time! I pray the Lord blesses you with the same for your summer! Love and blessings Pippa


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