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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poets on board!

The Art & Poetry Tree is Lidia Chiarelli's ins...
The Art & Poetry Tree is Lidia Chiarelli's installation for IMMAGINE&POESIA project: both poems and art works on cards can be hung on the tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This month with our poetry excitement on the ning, I thought I would see some inspiration from our older students.  Instead my primary students are encouraging the older ones.  So with that in mind our poetry competition is now open to all students irrespective of age.  I will still showcase the poetry on our ning:)

Here are some of my younger students' amazing creations:

 How about some amazing alliteration from Bekah!

1 The snapping, steel scissors
-2 The slippery, slimy swamp
-3 The plump, plush pillow
-4 The big, bountifully, blossoming bush
-5 The appealing, appetizing apple
-6 The silky, sparkling spider’s specialty.

Or some soothing thoughts from Matt.
Terrific steaming teapot.
Teapot on a pile of books,
Teeming with warm tea to come home to.

Calling all poets to express their love of poetry and writing by sharing on the ning or sending me your poetry to share on the ning, and enter the competition for a Chapters gift card.  Send me your word creations!

Blessings to you

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  1. Great poem Matt! Hmmm....why do I get the feeling that *tea* is a treasured time in your home? :)


  2. Hi Camille:) This Matt is actually in another home but my Matt is a tea drinker for sure!!!! Just like yours:) Blessings to you and I pray you and Austin are well.


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