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Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Rethink Books has revolutionized the book club and reading industry with a unique new app called Bookshout.  Book club or bible study groups can read digital books together and share the love!

Not only is this a highlighting and bookmarking tool, but also a community driven project to draw like minded individuals to share the same books.  It draws on the fact that people like to read each others' comments, notes and highlights, and encourages readers to dialogue around certain areas.  We were meant to share our perfect bible study or book that we are reading, and here is an amazing opportunity to do so.  Thoughts and quotes can be shared to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

Right now this app is only available on iPads, but will shortly be available on iPhones, and Android devices. 

"Every major Christian publisher is participating in the BookShout! launch, with a number of free ebooks being offered during launch week, including works such as “Jesus + Nothing” and “Loving the Way Jesus Loves” from Crossway; “The Fitting Room” and “Godspeed” from David C. Cook; and “Code Triage” and “Promise Me This” from Tyndale."Faith That Inspires Action

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