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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Motivational factors in Education

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I recently watched this video by Daniel Pink , based on his best selling book Drive, and I am in the process of reading the book.  I was interested in some of his ideas on intrinsic and extrinsic motivators;  all the 21 century talk right now.  Of course they have always been part of good educational pedagogy for most teachers, but with the focus on personalized education they have resurfaced.  This Ted talk is geared towards business,  but many of the principles can be applied to education.  Pink says only three intrinsic characteristics are needed in most work situations, while extrinsic motivators only work in simplistic goal oriented tasks.  Here are his three intrinsic motivators:

1.  Autonomy
2.  Mastery
3.  Purpose

The basic presupposition is that if we give all our students, or employees these attributes in their work situation,  we won't need to motivate with extrinsic motivators.  I am wondering if our homeschooling students are the recipients of this kind of environment?  What works best for you as students,  parents, teachers or tutors?  Do stickers and grades still entice our students to work harder, or are students motivated by sheer enjoyment or love of learning? How do textbooks or online learning meet this need?  What makes learning fun?   I would LOVE to hear your stories?


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