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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High Tech High Touch in HCS Learning Commons- Letting go of the Physical Book

Change is happening in our HCS learning commons, and we are embracing the excitement with futuristic ambition.  As this video so beautifully portrays books are still part of our universe, but for how much longer?  New forms of reading take place on a different platform from Kobo readers, Kindles, Sony and iPad.  New E reader versions are released on a daily basis, striving to provide the best reading experience from lighting, to note taking, bookmarking and 3 d effects. 

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This coming week we launch our Overdrive E book library (not compatible with Kindle in Canada) with an amazing collection; from  professional development, historical fiction, and Christian fiction for all ages.  We have included great titles like Number the Stars, The Cay, The Giver, Lord of the Rings and many, many more. Authors such as Bryan Davies, Ted Dekker, Chuck Black, Eric Walters, Elizabeth George Speare, Deborah Ellis will catch your eye.  Although our collection has started off small (a subscription charge ate into our purchasing power), we look forward to growing it over the coming years.  

As I read about other libraries which have joined the movement to Overdrive,  I have come to realize that we are all on a train that knows no station.  We are all learning together, as publishers negotiate with libraries, technology innovates, and disruption breathes life into libraries.  We are all enjoying chasing the cheese even though it keeps moving! 

Having experienced the personal benefits of reading on my iPad,  I can say without a doubt that I love the ease, comfort, and free downloads which libraries allow me to access.  I can read way faster on my iPad as the font is enlarged and I love the illuminating light for night reading.  We hope to also grow our iPad collection in the campus library, but at the moment we will be loaning out the Kobo and Sony readers to our patrons. 

The training is ongoing, and our learning commons team is learning how to absorb information at an incredibly fast rate, and to make changes on a daily basis.  Our physical commons experienced a huge weed in the fall to make way for more furniture that will suit our new electronic environment.  I will be posting photographs shortly. Thank you God for libraries, for an amazing learning commons team and for books both physical and electronic.  We love ya!

Question for you?  Are you plugged in or do you still need the physical book?


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  1. Austin is the first in our family to have an e-reader. He got a Kobo. It is intriguing and I like the idea of getting one too...for taking on trips, etc...LOTS of books in one small space. BUT, I have to admit...I *love* a *real* book. I think my life will have to have both for a long time to come. (I think). *wink*


  2. Thanks Camille for sharing:) I never thought I would love my e reader as much as I do. But I must admit when lying on a beach lounger, the paper version is still better! Blessings Pippa


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