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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poetry in Motion! A few of my Favourite Things!

With the celebration of April as poetry month, I though I should share some more new resources to get you excited!  Do you wonder  how to introduce poetry to your youngsters without forcing the confines of format?  I encourage parents to spend lots of time reading great poetry to their little ones, and exploring the amazing form of nonsense poetry.  Playing with words while being creative is so conducive to multi-sensory learning. We can combine digital tools, collage work, lapbooking, illustrations, read alouds,  and free writing before we introduce the formats of poetry.  Allowing students to explore the beauty of words is God's way of extending His creative voice.  Here are some unique sites that may help your student think creatively about God's creation, in language.
Poetry Out Loud celebrates ways to get students appreciating poetry by reading out loud.   I would love to share in my students' success this way... and I encourage students to send me their poetry recitation on video!

Flocabulary :  Hip Hop in the Classroom
All subjects are taught with rhythm and rhyme, helping students learn how to rap, bringing harmony to the classroom.

Canadian Poetry Web Links  shares an annotated list of Canadian poetry on the web.

I love Giggle Poetry which allows kids to laugh at themselves, and the ridiculous situations they find themselves in!

Shel Silverstein is one of my favourite poets for getting students to have fun with words and think of ways to make nonsense poetry.  Read some of his poems and then make a Wordle to display your words in a creative way. Check out how one of my grade one students, Serena loves making wordle poetry.

Here is one of my favourite poems by Lewis Carroll, who is one of the world's best nonsense poet!  I have fond memories of sitting on my grandfather's knee as he recited this classic poem.  This Youtube video narrates  You are Old Father William.

Digital poetry can make words zoom and fly across the room! Scholastic explores the wonderful applications you can use with Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi and Animoto in the classroom.  Drama and poetry come alive!

Explore God's creation in nature with classroom extensions in your garden and growing poems.  Then combine the science process with feelings and reactions creatively using this organiser.

Learn how to memorise poetry or bible verses using this Memrise tool.  From the art of memory, Grandmaster Cooke brings an understanding of how learning rejoices in anything that is pithy, colourful, humorous, fantastical, attractive, scary, important, unusual or vivid.

For more poetry links please go to our linking library!

Blessings to you as you share in the Joys of Poetry.

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  1. Another great post! Filled with wonderful resources...Thank you Pippa!

  2. You are welcome Shelley. I LOVE poetry and all the wonderful things that swing into spring:) Blessings to you, Pippa

  3. RCS (Richmond ) is presenting Sound of Music "My favourite things" at Gateway Theatre May 5-6

  4. Thanks for the heads up regarding the musical. Sound of Music is a wonderful musical. I pray that God blesses you with an awesome turnout:) Blessings


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