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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Graduation and Beyond

Today I sat down and reconfigured my blog.  Now that I have a work blog I find it hard to get back and just blog for the sake of blogging, personal blogging, sharing my vulnerabilities.  But my life has changed and my children are graduated and moving ahead with their lives.   I am feeling nostalgic and want to move ahead with them...to reach out and study something new, exciting and invigorating, to follow, and perhaps not to lead. Oh to be a student again, to listen, inspire and create!  Having adopted a learning commons vision over the past three years in our district library,  it was good to learn, inspire and lead.

Creating vision takes time, as does encouraging your team to stay inspired, motivated and working towards that vision.  At times I remember feeling that roadblocks were an important part of the process; sometimes painful, but mostly gratifying at the end.  Staying committed to the culture of building a learning commons, has required faithfulness and resilience.  Ideation is second nature to me, and so dreaming BIG for my team was, and still is, really important.  But there is that still small part of me where I long to let go, and just be a follower and not a leader.  Grace and surrender are an essential part of learning.  And then there is time to just rest, read and dream.

Sometimes I think I am an adrenaline junkie,  or maybe simply attention deficit?  I do know that staying the path is important, as is listening to the inner child.  I am trusting that one design leads to another in our learning commons, that change will keep happening for the right reasons and not because I need change for change sake.  I am excited about the next step, about learning whatever it takes to keep building, following, and leading in the learning commons!


  1. I get you, Pippa! I think I'm either an adrenaline junkie or attention deficit too when it comes to education. I love learning new things and trying out the next and possibly greatest technique, strategy or program. There is always something new in education - something new to learn. It's invigorating. You are a great visionary and inspiring leader!! I'm so glad you are the head of our Learning Commons. I wish we could hang out more. :)

  2. Hello Jo-Anne:) Thanks for reading, for your encouragement, and sharing your similarities. I think many of us in education are visionaries and as you say adrenaline junkies ;) Teachers are born leaders, who dare greatly in the classroom and beyond. I wish we could hang out more too and glean from each other. I live vicariously through Jessie ;)

  3. You are a lovely encourager. May the Lord bless and lead you as you follow Him into this next chapter of your family's life. Hugs to you! Camille

  4. Thank you Camille:) I miss you and your kiddos! Blessings on you too as you follow His lead.


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