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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Digibraians Unite!

Gone are the days when librarians enjoyed the tight lipped, over controlled persona,  where students and parents feared your presence and eagle eye!

In the quiet dungeon of such library tombs the sound of the date stamp as it thundered onto your book was quite frightening!  Worse than that, losing a book was a life sentence!


Welcome to the age of the "Digibrarian" where literacy is not limited to taking out a hard cover book and returning it on said due date.  Instead the role of teacher librarian, media specialist, or as we now call it "Digibrarian",  has taken the bull by the horns and entered the twenty first century leading the literacy highway.

Digital literacy may encompass many skills which require superb multi-tasking, from : financial literacy; reading literacy; physical literacy; ed tech literacy; art and music literacy; project based learning and inquiry learning.  The list goes on…. and the "Digibrarian" rises to the fore with new and wonderful #makerspaces!  To see all the #libraryawesomeness check out this  infographic!

In our learning commons Digibrarians  may be found:
  •  creating techie tools/bibliographies for patrons, 
  • sharing the joy of  e books, audio books, 
  • creating presentations on digital citizenship,  and social media, 
  • creating havens like Ning to encourage students to learn about social media and digital citizenship
  • helping students refine the research process using tools that fit their learning style  
  • creating a myriad of techie and literacy events to highlight and promote the learning commons.  
  • reading and role modelling literacy  
  • supporting a nurturing and welcoming space for all students 
  • shipping materials to patrons all over the province and beyond
  • writing and editing resources for patrons in the form of kits and supplements.
  • Correlating curriculum.
  • blogging and creating websites 
  • teaching how to use academic databases and Google
  • curating on different media outlets and sharing to social media
  • leading  

 To help Google; curators of the Internet otherwise known as Digibrarians are here to save the Day!

Digibrarian Hero!
Please add all the extra missions you do as a "Digibrarian"?  I am sure I have left out a ton!


  1. Digibrarian? Great name. :) Do you have a cape like the cartoon hero at the end of your post? ;-) Pippa...I want you to know that I appreciate you and all your kind encouragement over the last many months. I am stopping by for the last time before Christmas....isn't that crazy? I am taking a blogging break until the end of December. Soooo....I am wishing you and your family a wonderful time of remembering our Precious Saviour. Merry Christmas! (I suppose I am the first to wish you that!) Blessings to you! Camille

  2. Hey Camille,
    Thanks for the encouragement, and blessings! No I don't have a cape but on my camino I wore a garbage bag on my back and it did the same job ;) I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. May you enjoy peace and good health and awesome memories this Christmas. Thinking of you and your lovely family! Blessings Pippa


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