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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reading Readiness Sites

As a reading facilitator I love websites that will help parents reach out to their kids,  and provide the links or tools that are necessary to progress to the next step in reading.  Having run an ALA Ready to Read program when I worked in the public library,  I loved the tools I could offer parents who needed advice along the way.  Here are some great websites to help you and your young ones move along the wonderful road towards literacy.  When your student learns to read celebrate in style, because it is an amazing and proud moment for your little one!  Thank God for books and the joy of reading!

Get Ready to Read. has screening tools, transitional tools into Kindergarten, skill building activities, and early childhood basics.

Get set 4 K  from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has reading readiness skills, activities, and monthly activities perfect for homeschooling mums wanting some more ideas.

Reading is Fundamental has some very creative games for babies, toddlers and pre schoolers to learn how to read and rhyme.

The Early Childhood Education Network for reinforcement of alphabetical skills.

Toronto Public Library Kidspace.  Pre reading activities to get your young ones on the road to reading.

Starfall One of my favourites for teaching phonics to young uns!

Reading Eggs for students grade k-6.  Thanks Jenn!

RAZ subscription.  If you have not used this be sure to try it out!

Digital storytelling tools for students who like sharing their stories digitally!

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  1. Really enjoyed the blog.its educating.i.am a teacher librarian and wish to be posting comments and topics here.am i allowed?how do i join you.are

  2. Hello Lilian:) Thank you for your encouragement. Yes anyone can post comments. Nice to meet you and blessings on your day!


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