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Monday, August 13, 2012


Can you believe it is almost time to get back to school, and to create excitement about using technology in the classroom I thought I would share my latest "techie site of the week" Vialogue!  Having students share around media is often a great ice breaker, and what better way to get all students sharing on an exciting and thought provoking topic.  To test out Vialogue I went on and made my first video upload and was immediately excited about the commentary.  As we move towards a flipped classroom model this type of pedagogy will become a standard teaching tool.  You can choose to make your commentary public or private, depending on if you are limiting to a classroom or public audience.

Here is my first attempt at a Vialogue!  Hope you have some fun with this tool and if you have a chance to use let me know what you think please?

Blessings to you
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  1. Hello Pippa. My name is Naomi Sutherland. My uncle Steve Cox informed me of the job opportunity at Heritage Christian School as a part time librarian. He also mentioned the possibility of working with the online students. I myself was homeschooled from the time I was in grade two until graduation. During this time I spent some time with an online school. I am also passionate about reading and the love of books. I set a goal to have 1000 books in my personal library and I exceeded it by 150. I then had several children from our homeschool group borrow my books and I loved working with them on the new books and pushing them to new heights. This is the field I want to work in. I have a passion to reveal the world of reading to children who struggle in those areas. I have started a blog. It is nsutherland-walkingbyfaithnotbysight.blogspot.ca. My email is n_sutherland@sympatico.ca and my cell number is 6472130456. I would like to get together with you tomorrow. Steve Cox has my resume in his files if you would like to know more about my work history. I look forward to hearing from you.
    In Christ,
    Naomi Sutherland

  2. Thanks Naomi:) Looking forward to working with you soon! Blessings Pippa


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